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A safe place that generates surplus value

A safe place that generates surplus value

Our master development plan consists of 57 lots for the construction of industrial plants or warehouses in a range from 800 m2 to 2,000 m2, with a hidraulic concrete road 19 mts wide (includes sidewalks), the traffic is one way to facilitate manouvers. The standard lot is aproximately 25 mts. by 54 mts (1,370 m2).

The park also contains more than 6,500 m2 of Green areas fully equiped and developed according to the advances in the construction of the park and providing a healthy human interaction and integration with nature.

The park will provide hidden services, LED illumination with solar pannels, sports and recreation areas, water supply, data and voice installation, electric energy services, water treatment plant, perimeter fence, 24 hrs security, closed circuit TV and a special lane to enter or exit the highway near the Park´s entrance.

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