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Industrial park  with a perimeter fence and seccurity 24/7

Industrial park with a perimeter fence and seccurity 24/7


In general, the industrial corridor of the Bajio, from Queretaro to Aguascalientes, and in particular, the States of Queretaro and Guanajuato have excelent security and are ideal places to live in.

The Project of the Industrial Park is located in a very secure area and was designed to facilitate security and surveilance since, besides being totally fenced, it has: an access booth and an exit booth, closed circuit TV and security 24/7 the 365 days of the year. Besides, according to the park´s regulations, every industrial building will have at least two security cameras at its entrance, which will contribute to dissuade the posibility of any illicit activity.


Our design includes an area destined to complementary services (Integrated Service Center) that will support the competitivity of our clients since it will have: a business center, convenience store, a paper and supply store, courier services, an industrial laundry, a hardware store, personnel hiring services, maintenance services, fumigation services, industrial equipment rental services, a coffee shop and an industrial dinning room; among other services (subject to the advances in the development of the Park´s construction and individual negotiations).


The Park has over 6,500 m2 of Green areas, fully equiped, according to the advances in the Park´s construction, providing a healthy human interaction and nature integration.

In Ayalkar we have a profound respect for mankind and nature, developing reforestation and social harmony programs.